Who is MissJenMcPhail and why is she a Brand Ambassador for Mirelle Activewear…??

I’m just a normal full time city office chick for a charity by day and a passionate fitness gal by night.

Once upon a time, 10 years ago, I started running. Not Forest Gump style and just kept running til I grew a beard. I mean I started doing 10ks. I planned to do 1 and stop there. Eight, 10ks and a half marathon later…sooo yeah, you could say I got competitive with myself and wanted to beat my time.

So it’s quite drastic that I now have no desire to run again, none whatsoever (doesn’t help I injured my knee from an impressive fall on ice going to work one morning and it’s never been the same since. Think bambi learning to walk and black ice…)

I was the ultimate cardio bunny, adding multiple combat and body pump classes into the mix. I loved the gym and how it made me feel. But I didn’t like my body. I thought, actually I expected, to be ripped out my tits with the amount of “training” I was doing but I was far from it.

Cue transformation.


The left picture: I went to the gym 4-5 times a week for 2-3 hours at a time doing cardio cardio cardio. Must do cardio to get fit. Must spend as long as possible in the gym to get results. Must do back to back gym classes. I spent EIGHT long years doing this and was in fact getting bigger, frustrated and my body fat percentage was dangerously high at 32%!!

Why? Because I spent too long in the gym, needlessly long hours and wasn’t training smart and I had no idea about nutrition.

Right picture (2014): although I was still going to the gym 5 times a week it would be for no longer than 1 hour! The only cardio would be a few high intensity interval sessions a week and walking. I started weight training, yip I entered that scary section with all the dudes, and ditched the running and gym classes. I learned how to eat better and more importantly I learned how to eat to fuel my training. The result. I got my body fat down to 22% and was very happy. I love lifting heavy and wished I started in my early 20s.

Was it hard work, yes. Did the journey have ups and down, yes. Was it worth it. YES.

I mean. Never mind abs. They are so over rated. Look how much my face slimmed out..oh my!!


My transformation ended in a semi- professional photoshoot. I got lean, tanned and half naked to show off my hardwork and why bloody not. This confidence was new to me. And I loved it. I finally had the body I always wanted and I was strong. Mentally and physically.

The weekend before my photoshoot I went to the SFN Expo (fitness expo in Glasgow). I already had all my outfits for my shoot sorted but in true female style, it wouldn’t hurt to have a wee look would it!?

The Mirelle Activewear collection caught my eye immediately with its bright colours and patterns, amazing high quality and soft, oh so so soft, fabrics. So what did I buy? Eh, a black top. OK. So maybe my confidence needed some work, but in my defence, it was before my shoot. The confidence came after. So anyway. I met Mirelle and told her I was buying the top for a shoot…


I love this picture. It’s my favourite. I loved mixing fashion and fitness and not just standing in Nike pro shorts and sports bra like every other typical fitness shoot. I’m a shoe girl, so wearing my Geigers reflected me and how everyone knows me; statement heels! And of course the Mirelle Activewear top. It made the final outfit cut. It was perfect.

I tagged Mirelle in my Instagram post and the rest they say is history. I now consider Mirelle as a friend. She trusts me with her brand. Her baby. She’s supported me over the past 2 years and has helped me become more and more involved in the fitness industry.

Just one year after I met Mirelle at SFN I was back at SFN standing with her, at her stall, selling her stuff!! Like hold on a minute. Little old me who wouldn’t say boo to a goose was pulling a del boy selling my new perky glutes off!!

It was an amazing weekend. I was buzzing from selling, meeting people, networking..ahhh I get excited just thinking about it all again.

While doing this I was 2 weeks out from my first bikini competition! A new challenge I set myself after my shoot to push me out my comfort zone yet again. I came 5th out of 9 girls at the UKBFF East Midlands show and here’s my proud moment.

img-20150913-wa0069So what’s next for me. I have been focusing on building more muscle mass for the past year now and have a few months to go then I am considering prepping for the stage and sparkly bikini again in 2017. So watch this space.

I am also just about to start a nutrition course, as although I love training I am fascinated by the nutrition side of things. So I am soon to be a Mac Nutrition Uni student. I like pushing myself and setting challenges as it’s so easy just to stay still.

If your dreams don’t scare you. They are not big enough.

If you’re still reading, thank you, I’m impressed. Grab yourself a cuppa and do some online shopping. You deserve it.

As a thank you for listening to me ramble on please visit www.mirelleactivewear.com and check out the collection using my code JEN10 for an extra 10% off your order.  There’s also a sale on so you really are being spoiled.

I would only ever be part of a brand that I believed in and only if I would buy from it myself. Which I do. This role isn’t about freebies. I want to be part of it because I believe in the product and I believe in Mirelle and want to help spread the word…and add Brazilian flare to a grey UK!

It’s so important to be comfortable when training. Not fearing embarrassing see through leggings when you’re squatting or have them slidding down when doing yoga or even unsightly stitching that not only looks terrible, but feels uncomfortable.

None of this is an issue with Mirelle leggings. I can just focus on my workout knowing I’m rocking an awesome outfit and not my bare arse in the weights area! No one wants to see that, I don’t care how peachy it is!!

Turns out I am still talking and guess what, you will hear a lot more from me as I will be blogging some of my thoughts on this fitness journey I’m on.

Lucky you eh!

Peace out ✌💛

Dream 💭 Believe 🌟 Achieve 💪

Follow me on Instagram for random fitness posts and Twitter for special offers on Mirelle Activewear; both use the handle @missjenmcphail







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